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Trust Accounting

Trust Accounting

Specializing in Fiduciary Accounting for Trusts, Estates, and Conservatorships

As the trustee, executor or conservator of a trust, estate, or conservatorship you have certain fiduciary obligations. Not only are you responsible for financial administration, but you are also accountable to third parties, including beneficiaries, and you will need to prepare detailed, high quality, and accurate financial statements.  

Many fiduciaries (e.g., trustees, executors, and conservators) do not have the specialized knowledge and expertise necessary to handle these types of financial matters, so they turn to a trusted accounting professional. It’s important to note, however, that not every accountant has experience with court accounting, probate accounting, conservatorship accounting, and trust and estate income tax preparation, all of which should be handled by a CPA with in-depth experience and knowledge in fiduciary accounting.

Personalized Fiduciary Accounting Services

As a certified public accountant specializing in fiduciary income tax preparation and accounting services, you can count on me, Kami L. Molin, CPA, to provide top-notch personalized support for trustees, executors, and conservators in carrying out their fiduciary responsibilities. As your trusted advisor, my goal is to handle financial matters related to your fiduciary obligations in an efficient, cost-effective, and ethical manner, while ensuring that all accounting and income tax obligations are met.

Here’s what else I will do for you:

  • Account for and inventory assets (personal property, real estate, cash, stocks, bonds) when the trust or conservatorship is established.
  • Prepare financial statements, schedules, summaries, reports of transactions, and asset allocation for interested parties including beneficiaries, probate court, and attorneys
  • Prepare fiduciary accounting reports and other court documents in accordance with California Probate Codes §1060-1064
  • Prepare and file income tax returns (individuals, estates, and trusts)
  • Set up an accounting system that complies with state and federal legal reporting requirements

Kami L. Molin, CPA is in your Corner.

Whether you need assistance with trust administration, estate administration, filing trust and estate income tax returns, preparing fiduciary-related court documents, or have any other questions about tax and accounting matters, don’t hesitate to contact me, Kami L. Molin, CPA at 805-526-8355. I am here to help.